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My ViolentFix

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On this page I'll include links to related sites also links to some of my other favorite bands site's.  If you notice any broken links, let me know.

Violentfix's Official Home Page:


Other Bands of note and related sites:


Ministry's official website.  If you've given up on Ministry, then take a moment to sample of their new album, it will restore your faith. 

Human Drama

This used to be my favorite band.  I'm not very happy with their recent work, but the older albums are intense.  Check out "The World Inside" and "Songs of Betrayal".

Lucrttia's World (my old site)

My AOL Hometown page that I haven't visted or updated in the last four years.  Feel free to ignor this link.

Nine Inch Nails

Ahh... Nine Inch Nails.  I am so hoping that they reassure me with their next release thats due out Fall 2004.  I love Nails, but Trent either needs to make a great record or quit before he's to far behind.

Dark Moon Entertainment

Violentfix has made past meantion of this company which looks to be disolving from the state of their site.  At one time "Dark Moon" worked as promoters to Violentfix.  I have no idea if they still represent them but this is a related link.