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Violentfix Live

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"Forgive me once again my love.  The need, inside, I feed is not for you."

You can listen to Violentfix. Or you can experience Violentfix.

You almost feel like he's speaking directly to you. No matter how large the audience is and no matter how far back you are from the stage, those eyes meet yours and you just can't look away. You're suddenly right there with him at the moment that inspired the song. You're seeing it all first hand and he's guiding you through it, like a dream and he's your anchor to reality. The sadness, the pain... the Love. He shares it all with you and asks for nothing in return. Then you're suddenly returned to your own reality and the show is ending and he slowly walks from the stage. Forty-five minutes has gone by and the show has ended. You realize that you want to feel it again... and again... and again.

That's what it's like to watch Violentfix on stage. Unforgettable.


Self Hatred
The World
Of Violentfix

The Poet's entrance.  The show begins.  At first glance we all know that what we are about to see will be an experience that we'll never forget.



Backing vocals take on a whole new meaning on songs like "Never Go", "The Machine" and "Fall Away".  With a range spanning from low raspy whispers to high pitched choir of angles.  Maureen, Keybaord Player and Vocalist, sets the stage for and the mood for Violentfix.