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My ViolentFix

The Art of Violentfix

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"Life... Such a pitiful little game, Yet it's the things that we do, that make it hurt this way."

To truly appreciate Violentfix, you must first understand the total package. Any band can write a song and perform it on stage. Some might even dress up a little, especially in the Goth scene, you'll see bands attempt to adopt or copy an image.

Now enter Violentfix:

The music is written and shows are played. You could even say that they are dressing up in Gothic garb, but that's where they stop being like every other band. Watching Violentfix on stage is like going to the theater. It's a dramatic, theatrical show. The lighting is intense and perfectly choreographed with Eric's every move. You can truly believe that what you are seeing on stage is the same thing that you would have witnessed if you were there as the inspiring moment occurred that caused him to write the song you're listening to. The art, the flyers, everything revolves around the music. Buying a Violentfix Tee-shirt is like purchasing a piece of art. Everything created in beautiful detail by Deborah. The shirts, flyers, posters, stickers, and even a few of the album covers.

This page is dedicated to her work.  Images for the band and even a few that never made it to the public.


I'll be adding content to this page as it is received.  Deborah herself has been contacted and has promised to send some unpublished art for us to view.