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The Hatred Filled Puppet of Love Presents:


"Live at Sanctum"

Violentfix was always known for releasing his music in very small batches. The rummored "Next Album" is supposed to be a full length album. Before 'Live at Sanctum" was released, the largest collection of songs was only six songs long. "Live at Sanctum" gave us the first collection of Violentfix's music, the way it was intended, LIVE and in the order that they are intended to be listened to.

Also as a bonus on this disc, a single of the new "Laura's World", done as a studio recording.


"The Machine"

Songs like "Puppet of Love", "Prodigal Poet", and "Never GO" were first heard here. Many of these songs are in a state before many backing female vocals were added. I don't really know why but it doesn't subtract from the songs at all. Listening to Violentfix Live, opposed to in the studio, is like two completly seperate experiences and each one equally enjoyable. If intended to be so different from there live counterparts, I don't know, but an amazing album even though.


"Fall Away"

This disc had only one song and that's all it needed. "Fall Away" was a turning point for Violentfix that truly led them to listeners like myself. Although I love much of their older tunes, it was 'Fall Away' that sold me.

This disc was a give-away at shows, so that potential fans could bring home a little ViolentFix. The disc also includes a Radio Edit, but I have (unfortunatly) yet to hear it on any radio stations.


"Alone in Shadows"

Violentfix, himself has meantioned that "Alone in Shadows" is his favorite song. Listening to it, you'd think it would bring him to tears. Combined with the song "Can't Feel", "Alone in Shadows" starts with a thrid person perspective that slowly becomes apparent as a farce. A man wishing that his tourtured reality was not his own. Then to have "Can't Feel" strung right after and in sync. A very hurtful and sad single.


"Live and Rare"

What can you say. The classics that turned "Incantations Of Chaos" in the Violentfix we know today. Many songs from this CD are early Demos of songs that the band plays today. Like "The Last Time", with an amazing guitar solo. "Laura's World" done in a very slow and haunting way.

Most songs were done in collaboration with Rich McNally (Keyboardist and Programmer).

A few Rules:

I didn't create this discography to spell out each song on each disk and list the liner notes. If that's what you're looking for than you can find it on Violentfix's official website, which you can find on my links page.

Instead, I have decided to give my rundown of each album, with my own opinions about it and a little about what they mean to me.

Also, I have listed them from most recent to oldest. The only time that this does not apply is with the "Live and Rare" album. Although it was released only three years ago, the album contains only songs that date back to before all the other albums on this page.

What Came First?

In the past Violentfix has referred to a single moment that has defined his music. Talking much about betrayal and lose. Listening to a collection of their music, you start to understand. This is not a band that depends on power ballads and hooks to keep people listening. This is a story, told first person by the man that lived it. If you don't enjoy straining to hear every last word on an album, then don't listen to Violentfix. Grab an album and listen to the words, let the music behind them set the mood, and you'll start to understand that this is not just music, it's the baring of ones soul.

Violentfix's history is scattered with involvment in many different bands. It would be ridiculas to try and list them all. The current lineup of Violentfix was formed 5 years ago, when Deborah came on with the band that was once called "Incantations of Chaos".

The Photo's page (Tragedy) includes shots from the Pre-Violentfix era. Some songs carried over from the band before. Most notable are "Laura's World" and "The Last Time"